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Air Oasis Induct 5000

Air Oasis Induct 5000

Coverage up to 5000 Sq Ft

“The Air Oasis Induct Air Purification System is the most efficient and least expensive method for purifying the air in any building... Anywhere!” - (Customer: Jim T., Norwich NY)

Here's the way the Air Oasis Induct Air Purification System works:

Air purification is accomplished by treating the stale, contaminated air being returned to the air cooler with the Air Oasis Purification Plasma before it is re-circulated throughout the ductwork back to the rooms in your building.  An air conditioning system works by returning the stale air to the air cooler through the Cold Air Return Duct, located somewhere on the ceiling inside your home.  The Air Handler cools that stale air by passing it over an A-Coil cooler and then recirculates the newly cooled air throughout your building. (The A-Coil cooler is similar in looks and function to a radiator in a car, it cools the air passing through it.)  The Air Handler is usually located in your attic or perhaps in a closet. An Air Oasis Induct Air Purifier will purify that contaminated air by irradiating the stale air with our specialized APHCO Cell, which creates the Air Oasis Ultraviolet purification plasma.  (The treatment occurs before the air passes through the A-Coil cooler and then is further distributed through the ductwork.)  The Air Oasis UV purification plasma eliminates all contamination in that polluted, stale air. The APHCO Cell irradiates the A-Coil keeping it totally clean and free of mold slime at all times.  Once that job is done, the air purification plasma is distributed throughout all of the rooms in your building.
The purification plasma will eliminate or prevent contamination from forming on surfaces in those rooms and also keeps your air clean, sanitary and fresh smelling at all times.

WARNING: If your A-Coil cooler is not treated by Air Oasis Induct UV air purifier, toxic black mold slime will grow and completely cover over those coils with toxic slime in as little as one year which YOU WILL BE BREATHING. This also substantially reduces the efficiency of your air-conditioning system and ends up costing you a lot of extra money to operate.

Think of this: Without an Induct Air Purifier, Toxic Black Mold will be blown through the air ducting into every room of your building, a very unhealthy living situation.  Who wants that?   The Air Oasis Induct Air Purifier will totally prevent this unhealthy mold growth on your A-Coil cooler.  Not only does Air Oasis Induct Air Purifier provide for pure, healthy indoor air quality, it pays for itself in ONE YEAR! 

I repeat, your Air Oasis Air Purifier pays for itself with electric cost savings in less than ONE YEAR!

Air purification doesn't just end inside the air conditioner alone!   The Air Oasis Induct purification plasma circulates throughout your whole home or building, treating the indoor air that you’re breathing and also sanitizing your home’s surfaces by killing mold, mildew, bacteria and other microbiological contamination currently growing on your countertops, cutting boards, end tables, coffee tables, etc. The air sanitation process continues non-stop throughout your entire home or commercial building 24/7. It also works well used within your furnace heating system as well.

This Unique Air Oasis Advanced Air Purification Technology is completely unique to our line of Air Oasis purification products. 

Air Oasis products feature a patent pending PhotoCatalytic nano-Nickel  HCT , a Titanium Dioxide / Nickel alloy encasing a specially designed Hi-Intensity, Ultra-Violet purification lamp.  This is a unique 'Cell' type called the "AHPCO Purification Cell".  The Cell creates the purification plasma that cleans and purifies your indoor air. The Air Oasis Induct Air Purifier can be easily installed by yourself or an air conditioning professional. They come with full instructions and can be installed in an hour or less.

The Air Oasis Induct Air Purifier comes with the Ameripure Technologies 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and the Air Oasis Manufacturers 3-year Warranty on all parts and labor, which includes the AHPCO Purification Cell containing the UV air purification lamp.   Most companies use air purification lamps that are designed to last for only one year and need replacement…   EVERY year! 

Not so with the Air Oasis products! The only part that needs replacement is the AHPCO Purification Cell.  You need only replace the AHPCO Purification Cell once every three years!  It is the longest lasting ultraviolet air purification product on the market today. 
Why wait, invest in an Air Oasis… Today!

Coverage: Up to 5000 sq. ft.*

Dimensions: 11" x 8" x 3"
Electrical: 115VAC 34 Watts
Replacement Cell: AHPCO-9

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Price: $749.99


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